• 1: Compare with flyers and newspapers, customers are more likely
          to keep our Classified Booklet with your ad inside.
  • 2: Cuts down distribution cost by shared distribution.
  • 3: Your only pay the advertising fee for your target area, not whole island.
  • 4: If you prefer offline order, Download Booking Form

  • About eFair Classified Booklet

    eFair Classified Booklet is an offline monthly publication contains various ads from Starting from S$39 only, this full color booklet will be delivered to 80,000 households in a specific target area, like Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Jurong, etc.
    For marketers seeking a niche and target audience, the eFair Classified Booklet is your powerful tool. It is specific and affordable. Most importantly, it is extending its reach every month through our most popular and free online classified and offline targeted advertising campaigns.

    The key benefits of the eFair Classified Booklet:

    1: Customers are more likely to keep our Classified Booklet with your ad inside.
    Many standalone flyers that are sent to residential areas or offices are thrown away immediately. We compile many SME's classified ads and flyers into one handy booklet, which we distribute on a regular basis. In this way, customers are more likely to keep it for future reference.
    2: Cuts down distribution cost
    Costs of distributing flyers are reduced considerably. In the past, flyers had to be delivered separately, and distribution constituted a major part of the costs in direct mail marketing. Leveraging on our booklet, delivery duplication is reduced and costs go down too.
    3: Targeting specific areas
    Some national ad media may claim to have a circulation volume of 200,000, but the more copies they print the worse it is for the SMEs because of the higher prices. Most SMEs' operations are centralized in a specific area; hence a majority of their ad fees is not being effectively utilized.With the eFair Classified Booklet, advertisers only pay the ad fees for their target areas, and the ad content is more relevant to the readers because all advertisers are nearby service providers.